BRC Gas Equipment

Italian Company MTM BRC is a major manufacturer of the Auto-gas equipment. The activity of the Company started in 1977. BRC Gas Equipment is sold in more than seventy countries around the world. Since the start of its operation the Company has occupied a strong position in the market. After liquefied fuel – Auto-gas – has established itself in the global market, during the long years of operation, taking into account the development of Auto-gas system by the major car manufacturers, the Company BRC has developed the original Auto-gas equipment – from its design to implementation.

In 1996 the Company introduced the world to the first Italian Auto-gas injection system. BRC Gas Equipment is manufactured with the utmost care, all the necessary components are tried to manufacture by the Company itself. The extensive tests are conducted regularly to improve the technologies. After LPG Conversion using the Auto-gas injection systems developed by the Company has been done, vehicles using light fuel (petrol) can be converted to the liquefied fuel – Auto-gas.

The biggest advantage of BRC Gas Equipment is that all the components are manufactured in Italy by one factory, all of them are well-harmonized; as a result Auto-gas equipment is very common in Europe. During the long years of operation in the same sector, the Company MTM BRC has developed many products the quality of which is recognized around the world. BRC Gas Injection Equipment meets the highest quality requirements. The Auto-gas equipment of this Company is safe, effective, reliable and easily maintained. Work experience, continuous research, modern technical solutions, installation technologies, and after-sales service have determined that the products of MTM BRC are the leaders in this sector.